The ECS 5 Finals groups are locked in.

After a hard-fought season, Astralis and NRG Esports both topped their respective regions and were rewarded with the first picks in our new group selection process.

The Groups

How the selection process went down

We’ve created a new and unique system, which results in the teams ultimately deciding the grouping of the teams. This is determined through a selection process where a team picks a competitor to join an opposing group, starting with the two top seeded teams, Astralis and NRG Esports.

Astralis chose to steer clear of European rivals FaZe Clan, and put them into Group B to compete with the North American top seed NRG Esports.

According to HLTV, NRG Esports have never played Fnatic in a competitive match, and they’ve chosen to continue that stat as they put the Swedes into Group A.

FaZe Clan chose to put Team Liquid into the opposing group. These teams haven’t clashed since February.

Fnatic selected their European rivals G2 Esports to join Group B. The two teams traded blows when they faced off in the online season, each taking a map.

G2 Esports determined the team to fill the final spot of Group A, and selected Major winners, Cloud9. The North American powerhouse were the only team to take a map off top seed NRG during the online season.

Finally, with one team remaining, Luminosity were placed into Group B to fill the remaining slot.

Watch our ECS Finals Groups Analysis video here.