About ECS - ECS - Esports Championship Series

About ECS

Presented by FACEIT and broadcast on YouTube, The Esports Championship Series is a ground-breaking esports initiative designed with the goal to help esports grow beyond its current state, while respecting the core values of the esports ecosystem and the community. The league has been built by adapting concepts common in traditional sports systems, while leveraging the characteristics that are unique to this vertical. Some of these concepts include team co-ownership, protection of players and promotion of all parties involved to increase the value of a common product.

What makes us special?

Community: rising from two of the most community focused companies in the industry, FACEIT and YouTube, our sights are on providing the best possible experience for our community.

Growth: from players climbing the ranks, to stability at the top, our goal is to guarantee a stable and profitable future for everyone in ECS.

Quality: we believe that in order to exhibit its full potential esports needs a world class product that is built on the needs of the community, players, teams and game developers that make it such a special place in the gaming industry.


Follow us here:
YouTube: gaming.youtube.com/faceit
Twitter: @ECSleague
Email: ecs@csgoleague.com