Selected casters were chosen from over 160 applicants and evaluated over the entire ECS Development League period

April – 12th London. Yet another amazing ECS Development League has come to an end with some of the closest, most exciting and intense qualification matches we have ever seen. Not only did we see great new talented teams and players, the amount of applications and level of talent shown during the Community Caster Challenge increases every season, making sure our difficult decision on winners took longer and was harder than ever before.

A special thanks goes out to our talented producers Reece and Patrik (Patreece), who followed CCC closely and sorted through over 160 applicants streams, making it much easier for us to go through their recommendations and pick out the final selection:

So… the ECS Season 3 CCC winners, who will be joining us at our studios in Santa Ana as guest casters during season 3 are (Drumroll):


Keith “Seaside” LaFortune – @SeasideCS

Keith discovered the world of casting first and foremost by playing the game, after playing some time he decided to try his hand at casting. Keith first started casting a year and a half ago, on his own channel with the intention of showing the community hidden talent in North America, so he decided to start streaming the matches for people in different communities to watch.

Keith is a recent graduate from college with a diploma as a Computer Systems Technician and is trained to fix hardware issues, networking issues, and anything to do with computers.


“Casting has been a passion and a love of mine since I started a year and a half ago. I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to do what I love, and gain this amazing experience with the ECS team.”


Conner “Scrawny” Girvan – @ScrawnyGG

Connor’s venture into casting began as a joke amongst friends where they would narrate each other’s clutch attempts while playing CS:GO.  As time went on, his passion for Counter-Strike continued to grow, and listening to professional casters inspired him to improve.  In April of 2016, he posted a short video of his casting on r/GlobalOffensive. That video gained traction and he was approached by N3rd Street Gamers who wanted to give him a chance.  

Connor is in the process of completing an undergraduate degree at Concordia University, while casting Counter-Strike tournaments whenever he can.  

“It’s a genuine honour to be selected as a winner of this season’s Community Caster Challenge. I’d like to thank everyone at N3rd Street Gamers for helping me develop as a caster, and anyone who has expressed support along the way.  I look forward to meeting the ECS staff in Santa Ana, as they’ve made a dream come true.”

In addition to our chosen casters, we would also like to give special mention to the following talent:

Hawka_cs @hawka_cs

Great improvement throughout the season, added lots to the cast by using the minimap to explain strats and recapping previous results and looking at the standings before the start of the match as well as keeping the pace very well for a solo cast (Contact us for a backstage tour at the finals)

Weefreemen – @WeefreemenYT

Yet again a great performance, clearly worked very hard on improving the quality of cast this season.

Stu_YT – @Stu_YT

Very promising, young caster, casting the CCC for the first time and showing a huge improvement over the stream, we are watching you Stu!

Boogiebagel – @pappaBoogie

Boogie is a rare talent with an amazing voice! Boogie hit us up, we have other work for you! 😛

Austklown – @KlOwNiecsgo

Austin was one of the only casters from Australia this season and casted every single match for EU & NA, despite EU starting at around 3am for him. One of the most humble casters out there, taking great feedback from his viewers and we hope to see him back next season!


The CCC is one of the most fun and rewarding projects we get to work on every season and we couldn’t do it without you all. Thank you everyone and see you next season!  

Tune in starting this Saturday over on to watch the exciting start to the ECS Season3!