Qualification for the ECS Regular Season continues with the ECS Pinnacle Cup

16 teams from each region will battle it out from 5-7 March to determine seeding for the ECS Regular Season

The NA and EU qualifiers for the ECS Pinnacle Cup have concluded and the full lineup of teams set to compete is now locked. The ECS Pinnacle Cup is the second stage in the newly revamped ECS format, developed alongside the community to tackle over-saturation in the CS:GO calendar, while still giving the best opportunity for open qualification to the top level.

8 teams from each region have qualified from the ECS Open Qualifiers, hosted on the FACEIT platform, while 8 more per region have been invited to compete.

ECS Pinnacle Cup Teams

NA InvitedNA QualifiedEU InvitedEU Qualified
SingularityZONETeam SpiritMOVISTAR Riders
DenialParty AstronautsAVANGARSprout
Team OneThe QuestValianceEpsilon
Bad News BearsGhostWindigox6stence Galaxy
Old Guys ClubInfamousAGO EsportsChaos EC
Final FeatureiNTACTforZeHeroic
NA invited teams include FURIA, Old Guys Club and Team One

EU invited teams include Vitality, Valiance and Team Spirit

Each region’s ECS Pinnacle Cup will rank the competing teams by facing them off in BO3 Swiss brackets. The teams with the better record over the course of the ECS Pinnacle Cup will be given priority for open slots in the ECS Regular Season. The fixtures will be played online via the FACEIT platform, and will not be streamed on FACEIT’s official channels. IPs for community casters will be available via the Community Caster Challenge.

EU ECS Pinnacle Cup Fixtures

CETDay 1 (5 March)Day 2 (6 March)Day 2 (6 March)CETDay 3 (7 March)
18:00AGO vs Nemiga 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 2-1 (BO3)
18:00Vitality vs Chaos 0-0 – BO3

(UPDATED: 19:00)

Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 2-1 (BO3)
18:00AVANGAR vs Epsilon 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 2-1 (BO3)
18:00Spirit vs Sprout 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 1-2 (BO3)
21:00Winstrike vs MOVISTAR 0-0 – BO3

(UPDATED: 18:00)

Swiss 1-1 (BO3)Swiss 1-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 1-2 (BO3)
21:00Heroic vs Windigo 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-1 (BO3)Swiss 1-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 1-2 (BO3)
21:00Forze vs x6tence 0-0 – BO3Swiss 2-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-2 (BO3)21:00Swiss 2-2 (BO3)
21:00Valiance vs X-KOM 0-0 – BO3Swiss 2-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-2 (BO3)21:00Swiss 2-2 (BO3)
21:00Swiss 2-2 (BO3)

NA ECS Pinnacle Cup Fixtures

ESTDay 1 (5 March)Day 2 (6 March)Day 2 (6 March)ESTDay 3 (7 March)
Party Astronauts vs MassiveImpact 0-0 – BO3
Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 2-1 (BO3)
18:00Furia vs Final Feature 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 2-1 (BO3)
18:00INTZ vs Old Guys Club 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 2-1 (BO3)
18:00Denial vs Infamous 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 1-2 (BO3)
21:00TeamOne vs iNTACT 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-1 (BO3)Swiss 1-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 1-2 (BO3)
21:00Ghost vs The Quest 0-0 – BO3Swiss 1-1 (BO3)Swiss 1-1 (BO3)18:00Swiss 1-2 (BO3)
21:00BadNewsBears vs Zone 0-0 – BO3Swiss 2-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-2 (BO3)21:00Swiss 2-2 (BO3)
21:00Singularity vs Mythic 0-0 – BO3Swiss 2-0 (BO3)Swiss 0-2 (BO3)21:00Swiss 2-2 (BO3)
21:00Swiss 2-2 (BO3)

The ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup is also giving fans the opportunity to showcase their casting abilities with the return of the Community Caster Challenge. Up and coming commentators are invited to register their channel and stream their commentary on ECS Pinnacle Cup matches, with the best talent from EU and NA winning an invite to the Season 7 Finals, and a potential opportunity to perform at the prestigious event. Sign up here.

The ECS Season 7 Regular Season kicks off on March 11th with the new improved ECS format:  Five eight-team single elimination tournaments each week, offering a prize pool of $25,000 per region to maintain a consistently high level of competition. The winners of the first three weeks of competition will head straight to the ECS Season 7 Finals, with the fourth spot per region filled by the team with the most overall prize money won over the five Regular Season tournaments.