What better way to kick off Championship Sunday at the ECS 8 Finals than with two show matches, brought to you by the Community Caster Challenge winners and Caffeine

First up, the ECS 8 Collegiate Showmatc

Two college teams will clash on the ECS stage when Louisiana State University face The University of Texas at Arlington on Championship Sunday.

LSU Roster

  • Kenneth “Kenboy” Tatum
  • Michael “clack” Paratore
  • Cameron “Slippy”  Phipps
  • Ford “kAAz” Brasher
  • Matthew “Matt” Wortmann
  • Joshua “josh” Blackwell

UTA Roster

  • Abdullah “Yammy” Yamout
  • Brandon ” PandaShi” Shin Frausto
  • Trung “choom” Le
  • Mark “KraM” McLean
  • Khai ” nicekhai” Nguyen

The action will be delivered by our Community Caster Challenge Winners, voo & YouM3, JRT. voo was the ECS Season 8 North American winner, and YouM3 was the European CCC winner.

The Community Caster Challenge winners (from left to right) voo, JRT & YouM3).

The Collegiate Showmatch will kick off in front of a live crowd at 11:30 AM CT, and will also be live on caffeine.tv/faceit.

Showmatch 2 – FACEIT Level Tenz vs. Dirty Peek Petes

Our second show match of Championship Sunday sees the stars of FPL collide with the ECS 8 pros and talent.

FACEIT Level Tenz

  • tenz
  • GeT_RiGht
  • DDK
  • exit
  • Brollan

Dirty Peek Petes

  • ptr
  • James Bardolph
  • Luken
  • leo_drunky
  • Sliggy

The second showmatch kicks off live exclusively on Caffeine at 1PM on Championship Sunday.