The new Season of ECS is here, complete with a tweaked format and a new set of teams with a heightened hunger for victory. Here’s everything you need to know to about ECS Season 8. 

When does Week 5 of ECS Season 8 start?

Week 5 of ECS Season 8 starts on Monday, 28th October, and the Season is broken down into five game Weeks. The broadcast begins at 17:30 CET. 

Where can I watch ECS Season 8? 

ECS Season 8 will be broadcast live on our Twitch and Caffeine channels – make sure you’re following and turn notifications on to never miss an ECS broadcast. 

You’ll also be able to catch our Community Caster Challenge entrants streaming and commentating matches on Caffeine.

When are the ECS game Weeks? 

Week 116th – 19th September 
Week 230th September – 3rd October 
Week 314th – 17th October
Week 421st – 24th October 
Week 528th – 31st October 

When and where are the ECS Season 8 Finals?

ECS is returning to the Esports Stadium Arlington, Dallas Texas for the Season 8 Finals on Thanksgiving weekend – 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2019. 8 of the world’s greatest Counter-Strike teams are set to compete at the finale of the $750,000 ECS Season, with $500,000 on the line in Arlington.

Tickets for the ECS Season 8 Arlington Finals can be purchased here.

Who is competing in ECS Season 8? 

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire at the ECS Season 7 Finals.

The teams competing in ECS Season 8 consist of ten teams who qualified based on their placement last Season, and sixteen teams who qualified through the ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup. 

EU TeamsNA Teams
Team VitalityFuria
AstralisNRG Esports
Ninjas in PyjamasComplexity
OpTic GamingTeam Liquid
Virtus.ProTeam Singularity 

Following the ECS Season 8 Pinnacle Cup, here are the seedings for the remaining teams:

Pinnacle Cup Team SeedingsEU TeamsNA Teams
2BIG ClanSharks
3HeroicRiot Squad
4m1xXThe Quest
5HereticsTeam One
6WindigoRap Gang
7EspadaBushido Boyz
8Se7enNew Identity
9forZeTeam Divine
12GamerLegionBig Frames
14JapalenoRBG Esports
15BLUEJAYSParty Astronauts
16CR4ZYSwole Patrol

What are the week-five matchups?

Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken at the ECS Season 6 Finals in Arlington, Texas.

Week 5 of ECS Season 8 has arrived – here are the matchups: 


Mousesports vs. Virtus.Pro (17:30 CET) – FACEIT Twitch channel

FaZe vs. Heroic (18:00 CET) – FACEIT Caffeine channel

North vs. Tricked (20:30 CET) – FACEIT Caffeine channel

BIG vs. Fnatic (20:00 CET) – FACEIT Twitch channel


FURIA vs. ex-Singularity (15:30 PT) – FACEIT Caffeine channel

INTZ vs. eUnited (15:30 PT) – FACEIT Twitch channel

ATK vs. Riot Squad (18:00 PT) – FACEIT Caffeine channel

The Quest vs. MIBR (18:00 PT) – FACEIT Twitch channel

What is the format of ECS Season 8?

The ECS Regular Season is 5 BO3 single elimination brackets to determine who gets a spot at the finals.

8 teams from each region will compete from 16 September – 31 October, with the winners of each of the last three brackets getting an invitation directly to the ECS Season 8 Finals. For more information on the full ECS format, please visit our Tournament Info page. 

How can I stay up to date with ECS Season 8?

Over the next few months, there will be non-stop ECS content on our YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure you’re following to never miss an announcement or piece of ECS content. 

How can I stream ECS Season 8 to my fans?

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo at the ECS Season 7 Finals.

We recently announced that ECS is open for the community to stream directly to fans. For all the information on how to stream to your community, please visit our announcement page