ECS begins this Saturday with the first Open Qualifiers! We’re excited to announce details of the third season of ECS entering 2017 with a bang!

The Open Qualifiers for European and North American teams are scheduled to take place on 18-19 and 25-26 February on FACEIT. Sign-ups are already open, so take your chance at glory and register here:

18-19 Feb qualifier 1 – top 2 progress to ECS Dev League

25-26 Feb qualifier 2 – top 2 progress to ECS Dev League

Up to 1024 teams per qualifier will fight their way through a grueling single elimination bracket. Quarter Finals and Semi Finals will be played as best-of-three, with the top two of each qualifier entering into the Development League. The exact schedule can be found on the qualifier pages.

The Development League will feature the four qualified team and four invited teams. They will play in a best-of-two round robin stage from 28 February until 16 March. The top two teams of each region will face the ninth and tenth placed teams of ECS Season 2 in a best-of-five match to determine who progresses into the ECS Season 3 main league. The winners will face teams such as Astralis, FaZe, Cloud9 and OpTic, as well as an option for co-ownership in the ECS.

On top of this, the Community Caster Challenge will be returning after receiving great feedback from the casters and community! Upcoming casters can show their talent by streaming the ECS Development League and have a chance to be invited to the ECS studios to cast matches with DDK and James. If you’re interested, you can send the following details to ecs@csgoleague:

  • First and Last name
  • Contact Email
  • Skype Link
  • Twitch channel URL
  • Other social info (Twitter, facebook, etc.)

In the future, we’ll be looking for more opportunities besides open qualifiers, map making videos and CCC to involve the community. If you have any ideas, we’re excited to hear them!