After long reflection on where we want to go with ECS, we’ve decided on a few changes that we believe will have a positive influence on how people are enjoying our events for this upcoming season and beyond. We understand there is vast room for improvement and we are committed to bringing back the original FACEIT approach that we had back in 2014.

As a first step and following the popularity of community broadcasts such as the No Majors Club for events like the Major which are clearly in demand and loved by the community, we want to be able to give them and other streamers, communities and broadcasters full access to host Tier 1 Counter-Strike on their own channels. This counts for all stages of ECS, including the LAN finals.

We will provide a full-featured version of our main stream without commentary for restreaming purposes, including top-tier observing from Sliggy, replays and graphics as per the main broadcast.

Streamers will be able to re-stream with their own commentary any of the regular season games also featured on our main stream. Streamers can also re-stream our stream with our own commentary without the risk of getting a DMCA notice. Streamers will be able to host their streams on any platform, including Twitch, Caffeine, YouTube and more.

Regarding GOTV, we are currently required to implement a large delay in our broadcast for online matches for compliance and integrity reasons. We are currently testing to see if we can manage this delay through GOTV, and if the tests prove to be both reliable and high quality, we will also provide the GOTV links.

All the above applies to the English, Finnish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and many other languages.

To be fully transparent, certain languages (Portuguese/Brazilian, Chinese, Russian, Serbian, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Hungarian) are not able to be broadcast by anyone other than our broadcast partners in those languages as we have contracts in place until the end of the year. These communities will be in good hands as all our broadcast partners for these languages will provide a great experience as they have done so far.

If you’d like to stream ECS this season on your own channel, please send your channel name and URL, as well as the language you’ll be commentating in, to and we’ll make sure you have what you need before the season starts.

To give you the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions about the future of ECS or anything we’ve announced so far, we’ll be hosting an AMA with Eric Brinkley, the new ECS Product Manager on r/GlobalOffensive at 6pm CEST/9am PST Thursday 12th September. Follow ECS on Twitter for more announcements and a link to the thread when it goes live.

For games not on the main broadcast, we’re opening up the Community Caster Challenge exclusively on the Caffeine platform. This competition gives up-and-coming streamers the opportunity to showcase their talents and win a trip to the ECS Season 8 Finals to cast in front of a live audience. Only entries made on the Caffeine platform and in qualifying matches will be able to be entered. More information on the Community Caster Challenge can be found here.

ECS Season 8’s Pinnacle Cup runs 10th-15th September, with Regular Season tournaments running from 16 September-31 October. More information on ECS Season 8 can be found on