The journey to competing in ECS Season 6 starts tomorrow! Sign up to the ECS Open Qualifiers on FACEIT to fight for a spot in the Esports Championship Series’ 6th season.

European and North American open qualifiers run from the 17th to the 20th September, and the 22nd to 23rd September. The top two teams of each qualifier progress to the ECS Challenger Cup.

Joining the Challenger Cup on 27th to 30th September will be one relegated team for each of the ECS Season 5 regions. Gambit (EU) and compLexity (NA) will be competing this season, along with three invited teams, and four Open Qualifier teams.

The top two teams from the Challenger Cup will be entered into ECS Season 6, which runs from 3 October to 8 November. More information on ECS Season 6, including the time and location of the Finals, will be announced soon.

Sign up for the open qualifiers now at!

More format and tournament information:

2x Open Qualifier (EU & NA)

17-20 Sept, 22-23 Sept

  • Single Elim, BO1 till Quarters – QFs + SFs BO3
  • Top 2 per qualifier progress to Challenger Cup
  • Sign up at

Challenger Cup:

27-30 Sept

  • Double Elim
  • 1 Relegated team per region (EU: Gambit, NA: Complexity – EnVy (EU) & OpTic (NA) not fielding line-up for region)
  • 3 Invited teams (teams TBD)
  • 4 Open Qualifier teams
  • Top 2 progress to ECS Season 6

ECS Season 6 online league runs 3 Oct – 8 Nov.