ECS will be the first league fully integrated with the groundbreaking CS:GO analytics platform and the Genius Sports Esports Bet Monitoring System

London, 5th April 2017- FACEIT, the leading competitive gaming platform and creators of the Esports Championship Series (ECS) and Genius Sports, the global leader in sports data technology and integrity services have forged a partnership to enhance the way data and statistics are used to engage with ECS fans. The new platform will be integrated with the league ahead of Season 3 which begins on April 14th.

Genius Sports, the trusted partner of global sports federations and leagues that include the English Premier League, LaLiga and AFC, have developed a CS:GO analytics platform that provides real-time data driven predictions. ECS will also benefit from Genius Sports’ eSports Bet Monitoring System to monitor betting markets in real-time and alert ECS to any unusual market patterns, as well as educational workshops conducted by the Genius Sports team. The powerful modelled solution was in part developed in response to concerns about match fixing and skin betting, which remains an unregulated environment in esports.

The innovative technology behind the system is the first of its kind to be applied to an esports league. The platform transforms in-game data into split second predictive outcomes and performance assessments of teams and players. Simultaneously, fan engagement and betting activity are measured across a vast array of bookmakers, providing the data visibility required to identify suspicious patterns in wagering liquidity, a critical measure for the prevention of match fixing.

“Integrity has always been the core value for FACEIT and ECS,” said Michele Attisani, Chief Business Officer and Co-founder of FACEIT. “We are very aware of the challenges all leagues face as the industry grows and we felt this was a logical next step to safeguard our fans and stakeholders. Genius Sports is the trusted and go-to platform for all major sports leagues, their unrivalled experience in this sector alongside the newly developed technology specifically designed for CS:GO makes them an integral partner for ECS as the league continues to grow.”

“We are incredibly excited to partner with FACEIT and ECS with our groundbreaking esports technology to help increase fan engagement,” said Mark Locke, CEO Genius Sports “as well as help ensure players and fans are treated to a fair and transparent game, and ECS league representatives are equipped with information and tools necessary to maintain a clean, honest and exhilarating contest.”

For more information on the Esports Championship Series, check out the league’s official site at or follow the ECS (@ECSLeague) on Twitter.




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