ECS Season 7 Regular Season has finished, with both EU and NA qualification spots up for grabs right until the final week.

8 of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams have qualified for the Season 7 Finals after a gruelling set of Regular Season brackets. Here’s the groups in full, and how each team qualified…

The two groups that will contest the ECS Season 7 trophy in London
Group AGroup B
Ninjas in PyjamasMIBR
NRG EsportsNorth

All 8 teams will play a BO1 on 6 June to determine upper or lower bracket placements, with upper bracket BO3s also played on June 6 to determine who advances to the Playoffs and who drops to the second round of the lower bracket.

Lower bracket matches will all be played on 7 June, with the first round BO3s sending home two teams. The second round of lower bracket matches will see the first round winners take on the teams that fall from the upper bracket in a BO3. The winning teams from this BO3 will advance to the playoffs.

3 teams from each region qualified as winners of the first 3 weeks of ECS Regular Season brackets, with another team from each region joining as the highest prize money earning team:

The new ECS format set out at the beginning of Season 7
Week 1 WinnerAstraliscompLexity
Week 2 WinnerNorthNRG
Week 3 WinnerVitalityFURIA
Highest Prize EarnerNinjas in PyjamasMIBR

The prize money earnings were a tight affair, with Ninjas in Pyjamas qualifying in the last bracket only after LAN-chasers AVANGAR were knocked out of the bracket 2-1 by FNATIC. A bracket win for AVANGAR would have taken them above the Ninjas, as NiP fell in the first round 2-0 to OpTic.

MIBR pipped Team Liquid to a LAN spot by beating them in the final of both Week 4 and Week 5 brackets, earning $12,000 for each bracket win. Now the Brazilian boys are on their way to London.

1stNinjas in Pyjamas ($17,750)MIBR ($24,000)
2ndOpTic ($17,000)Team Liquid, INTZ (both $10,750)
3rdAVANGAR ($15,000)
4thFnatic, FaZe, mousesports (all $5,750)Luminosity ($9,000)

Tickets for the ECS Season 7 Finals are on sale now!