Get More From Your Stream

Subscribers to FACEIT TV now get even more from their subscription, with our new ECS Season 7 Finals Premium Pass!

Available to Twitch subscribers, the Premium Pass experience gives subscribers to FACEIT TV access to an interactive HUD, pro stats, advanced minimap and more – all from within the Twitch web player.

That’s on top of the exclusive emotes, subscriber-only chat and FACEIT loyalty badge that subscribers already get.

Here’s a quick look at all the features available only with the ECS Season 7 Premium Pass:

Interactive Observer Feed

Our observer feed has everything you’ve come to expect from the main broadcast stream – expert commentary, impeccable observing, and immersive in-game sound – with extra added Premium Pass benefits.

Three pages of advanced player stats, full scoreboard with KAD, customisable HUD and more…

3 pages of advanced player stats gives you more insight than ever before into your team’s performances

10 Player POV Feeds

Watch from your favourite player’s POV with an individual channel for each player. Each player channel has the same customisable HUD and powerful stats engine as the observer feed – perfect for second-screening your favourite player, or for catching that last-second clutch.

Full scoreboard available in-stream on every player POV


Show your support for your favourite players using the Clapping feature. Clapping uses your Twitch Bits to ping players on the minimap – fully synced to other viewers.

Claps will be shown to everyone looking at the minimap as a pulse. The bigger the clap, the bigger the pulse.

Customisable HUD including Crosshair

Watch ECS Season 7 Finals just the same way you watch from GOTV – customising everything from crosshair to minimap.

The interactive settings menu lets you customise your experience with crosshair settings, HUD colours and more

Full screen Advanced Minimap

The Advanced Minimap returns for ECS Season 7 Finals, this time with added Clapping support, new utility information and aim lines to see every execute unfold.

You can even make your minimap full screen to put on a second monitor, meaning you never miss a play.

The Advanced Minimap allows you to go full screen, see player shot paths and utility

Subscribe Now!

To sign up for the Premium Pass, all you need to do is subscribe to FACEIT TV at any level, including by using your Twitch Prime token. For more information about subscriptions, see the Twitch support page here.

Subscribe to FACEIT TV at Tier 1 or via Twitch Prime to get access

Twitch Channel
Main Stream
Observer Feed
(Premium Pass)
Team 1 Player POVs
Team 2 Player POVs

Each player’s channel number will correspond to their number in-game, so check the observer feed or main stream to find the player you want to watch!


Q: Can I use the Premium Pass on my mobile/app version?
A: The Premium Pass is built using Twitch Extensions, which are not officially supported on platforms other than the browser web version. We advise using only this version of the Twitch player rather than the Twitch desktop app or mobile apps.

Q: Will I get access if I’m an existing FACEIT Twitch subscriber?
A: Yes! You will get access to the Premium Pass content just the same as new subscribers

Q: Why is audio different than the main broadcast channel, and the interactive channels are sometimes behind/ahead of the broadcast.
A: We’re using audio sent into GOTV for synchronization of audio and video, and so are limited to the capabilities of GOTV. Additionally, due to the differences in broadcast components we’re unable to fine tune today what latency is like relative to different broadcast channels on demand.

Q: What is in the Premium Pass subscription? How long does the subscription last?
A: In the subscription you’ll get access to 11 interactive channels, plus FACEIT Emotes and subscriber benefits. The interactive channels will be live during the FACEIT ECS Season 7 Finals from June 6-9.