The ECS Community Caster Challenge is back for ECS Season 8! Last season saw lots of extremely talented casters take part, with the winners coming out to the ECS S7 finals in London. This Season, we’ve brought improvements to make the process even better for Community Caster Challenge entrants and winners. 

Successful applicants will have the chance to cast all Pinnacle Cup games During ECS Season 8, as well as two Bo3s throughout the main ECS Season. The winning entry from Europe and North America win travel and accommodation to the United States to cast in front of a live crowd at the ECS S8 Finals! 

The Community Caster Challenge is now on Caffeine

This Season, the Community Caster Challenge will be hosted on the Caffeine platform. Each match will see a host of featured casters promoted via the official FACEIT channels. Each entry will be judged by our panel of experts featuring some of the most well-known talent in esports. 

Each caster and entrant will be required to have an account on Caffeine. Make sure you’re all set and ready to broadcast on Caffeine by heading to the Start Broadcasting page, where you’ll be able to download the Caffeine App or Caffeine supported version of OBS. 

Apply for the ECS Season 8 Community Caster Challenge

Applications are now open for the Community Caster Challenge! Casters can apply by emailing and supplying the following information:

Caffeine Channel URL:
Twitter handle: 
Verbal confirmation that you hold a valid Passport and can travel to the United States: YES/NO

Successful entrants will receive an invite to a dedicated private communication channel, and be directly sent official ECS broadcast assets to use while streaming matches. Registration begins Tuesday 3rd September 2019, and will close at 11:59PM BST on Monday, 9th September.

Please take a moment to read the Caffeine Community Guidelines before entering –
If you have any other questions about the ECS Season 8 Community Caster Challenge, please reach out to