With the #ECS4VLOG competition, we wanted to invite a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan and one friend to join us at the ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun, Mexico. Over the course of the past few weeks, we have received many great entries for the #ECS4VLOG competition, ranging from great edits to great humorous vlogs.

The winner will receive a return flight for the winner and a friend, as well as a 4 night stay at the same 5* all-inclusive resort as the pros and give you unprecedented access to a World Class competitive gaming event and the opportunity to create compelling vlogs from a unique perspective as the only fan in attendance.

After the ECS Team went through all applications, we have found our winner: OfficialBoaster!

The vlog includes great puns, lyrical creativity and the voice of an angel. We look forward meeting you and your friend in Cancun!