Tournament Info - ECS - Esports Championship Series

Tournament Info

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Tournament season
12–25 August Open Qualifying
10–15 September Pinnacle Cup
16 September–31 October Regular Season
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Total Prize Pool
$ 750,000
$ 500,000 for Finals
$ 250,000 for Regular Season
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Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas
We return to the Lone Star State for an old fashioned Western shootout!

Regular Season

Online Series

The 8 best EU and NA teams fight for a place in the finals. BO3 knockout series, 5 weeks of action.

EU Season 8 Teams

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NA Season 8 Teams

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Open Qualifiers

The ECS Open Qualifiers ran from 12–25 August, and gave you the chance to compete alongside the pros. The format was a single elimination BO1 tournament, becoming single elimination BO3 at the quarter-final stage onwards. Each set of qualifiers awarded the winners 2 spots in the Pinnacle Cup qualifying.

Lazarus, The Quest, Team Divine, RGB Esports, Rap Gang, ATK, Oceanus Gaming and Peekers Advantage all qualified from NA, while Se7en Esports, Ambush, Espada, BIG Clan, Team Heretics, BLUEJAYS Sports, Japaleno (Chaos) and m1xx qualified from EU.

Pinnacle Cup

16 teams (8 qualified, 8 invited) per region will fight it out in a BO3 Swiss tournament from 10-15 September to determine their Regular Season rankings. The Buccholz rankings from this tournament will determine who fills the open slots in the ECS Regular Season brackets.

Broadcasts will be available via the Community Caster Challenge, exclusively on Caffeine.

Regular Season

The ECS Regular Season is 5 BO3 single elimination brackets to determine who gets a spot at the finals.

8 teams from each region will compete from 16 September - 31 October, with the winners of each of the last three brackets getting an invitation directly to the ECS Season 8 Finals.

The first slot from each region will be made up of the top earning teams based on prize money won over the first two tournaments. Consistency counts!

Each week’s tournament has a $25,000 prize pool, and takes place over four days, broadcast live on FACEIT’s Twitch and Caffeine channels. As well as on partner broadcasters in other languages.

Schedule per region

  • Day 1: 4x BO3 Quarter-Finals (8 teams)
  • Day 2: 1x BO3 Semi-Final (2 teams)
  • Day 3: 1x BO3 Semi-Final (2 teams)
  • Day 4: 1x BO3 Final (2 teams)

Qualification for the Finals per region:

EU/NA team with the most money from first two series
EU/NA winning team of the Third Series
EU/NA winning team of the Fourth Series
EU/NA winning team of the Fifth Series

EU Series Dates

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16–19 September
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30 Sep–3 Oct
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14–17 October
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21–24 October
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28–31 October

NA Series Dates

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16–19 September
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30 Sep–3 Oct
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14–17 October
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21–24 October
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28–31 October

Weekly Prize Pool

First place
$ 12,500
+ a place in the finals for the final 3 series winners
Second place
$ 7,500
3rd/4th place
$ 2,500
3rd/4th place
$ 2,500


Grand Finals

Esports Stadium, Arlington
28th November–1st December
Highest earning EU team
Sharks logoSharks logo
Highest earning NA team
NiP logoNiP logo
Winners of EU Series 3
Evil Geniuses logoEvil Geniuses logo
Winners of NA Series 3
HiddenEvil Geniuses
Astralis logoAstralis logo
Winners of EU Series 4
Team Liquid logoTeam Liquid logo
Winners of NA Series 4
HiddenTeam Liquid
Fnatic logoFnatic logo
Winners of EU Series 5
Mibr logoMibr logo
Winners of NA Series 5

The ECS Season 8 Grand Finals will take place at the Esports Stadium, Arlington in Texas. The four-day finals will be two GSL groups, with the top four teams entering a knockout bracket to determine the champion for this season of ECS.

Final Prize Pool

First place
$ 225,000
Second place
$ 100,000
3rd place
$ 50,00
4th place
$ 50,000
5th place
$ 25,000
6th place
$ 25,000
7th place
$ 25,000
8th place
$ 25,000