FACEIT reveals Twitch as a broadcast partner for Season 7 of ECS, the world’s leading CS:GO league, as well as the week one bracket and talent lineup for the upcoming Regular Season.

LONDON – March 8th, 2019 – FACEIT is pleased to reveal Twitch as a broadcast partner for ECS Season 7, marking the transition of the world’s leading CS:GO league into a non-exclusive media product for the first time. The Twitch partnership follows on from the monumental success of the FACEIT London Major which remains the most watched CS:GO event of all time, seeing 62M hours watched overall and attracting over 820k peak concurrent viewers on the FACEIT TV Twitch channel alone.

FACEIT can also reveal the much anticipated week one bracket, and an innovative talent format for the ECS Season 7 Regular Season which kicks off on March 11th.

Fans will be able watch all the action unfold live on Twitch for the first time since ECS Season 2, and FACEIT can also reveal a series of international broadcast partners for Season 7 in Imba TV (China), Starladder (Russia), Fantasy Expo (Poland) and Black Molly (Sweden), as well as DR Sporten (Denmark) which will broadcast the Live Finals in June. ECS will also be continuing its successful viewer engagement and rewards systems with FACEIT point drops for viewers, as well as other exclusive features to be announced soon.

The last time ECS’s main broadcast was on Twitch was ECS Season 2 Finals in December 2016

The ECS Season 7 Regular Season will feature the innovative approach to commentary used last season, with ECS veterans James Bardolph and Dan “ddk” Kapadia forming part of a unique casting trio, with Erik “da_bears” Stromberg and Henry “HenryG” Greer as special guests scheduled to feature throughout the season. The format offers fans a different approach to commentary from the usual casting pairs, with more natural conversational observation from the CS:GO experts, designed to compliment the all-day broadcasts.

The Regular Season is the next phase in the new improved ECS format, developed alongside the community to tackle oversaturation in the CS:GO calendar while still giving the best opportunity for open qualification to the top level. Five eight-team single elimination tournaments will take place each week, offering a prize pool of $25,000 per region to maintain a consistently high level of competition. The winners of the first three weeks of competition will head straight to the ECS Season 7 Finals, with the fourth spot per region filled by the team with the most overall prize money won over the five Regular Season tournaments.

“The community has made it clear to us that Twitch is important to them as viewers, so we’re delighted to be able to offer them access to ECS on that platform,” said Michele Attisani, Co-Founder & CBO of FACEIT. “ECS has broken records for CS:GO viewership on YouTube over past seasons, and now opening up our distribution gives the community more choice on how they watch their favourite teams compete. Season 7 has seen a number of changes to the format and viewing options to ensure we create exciting, engaging and entertaining content.”

Tickets for the ECS Season 7 Finals can be purchased here.

For more information on the Esports Championship Series, visit ecs.faceit.com or follow the league on Twitter (@ECS).